SYNCROOM is an application that lets you play music in real time with people who are far away. It uses NETDUETTO (R), proprietary technology developed by Yamaha for playing music with others remotely. Thanks to this technology, you can exchange audio data with little latency, making it easy to jam together online.[*1]

  • [*1] For best results, we recommend optic fiber or other broadband connection and an ASIO-compatible audio interface. See the FAQFAQ for details.


Yamaha developed this technology as a solution to allow people to play music together over a network, achieving bi-directional transmission and reception of audio data via the internet with very low latency (i.e., time delay).

Easy Connection Network Monitoring Buffer Minimization Data Flow Stabilizing High Speed Network

Easy Connection Network Monitoring Buffer Minimization Data Flow Stabilizing
High Speed Network

Standard IP phones and remote conferencing systems have some latency in sound. While this latency presents no obstacle for conversation, they are unsuitable for jam sessions, where you play music while listening to each other’s sound. Therefore, in order to be within the acceptable range for real-time musical ensembles, Yamaha developed NETDUETTO, which combines buffering to minimize audio latency with easy network connection that does not require special settings on your router or other equipment.

NETDUETTO measures connection conditions when connecting to a network and facilitates a stable connection with the smallest possible buffer size. While connected, it continuously monitors the latency length of audio data, and includes a range of innovations such as making automatic corrections to the data and compensating for network jitter when necessary, making it possible to play jam sessions with others over a network.

With this technology, band members who cannot easily get together can have online practice sessions, musicians in remote locations can jam together in real time, and students can participate in group music lessons online from home, creating new musical experiences not limited by location.

NETDUETTO ® Technological Features

NETDUETTO has the following features.

  1. 1. Easy connection to a network

    Easy communication over an ordinary home internet connection without having to configure any special settings on your router.[*2]

  2. 2. Stable communication with buffer control

    Innovations that compensate for jitter on the network to ensure there are as few disruptions to the music as possible.

  3. 3. Compatible with a range of OSs and usable on a variety of platforms

    The software that forms the core of NETDUETTO is not dependent on a specific operating system and is highly portable, so it works on a wide range of platforms.

  • [*2] Certain environments may require router configuration.

What is “audio latency?”

When you play music with others in person, there is a delay until the sound reaches other people. Sound travels at about 340 meters per second in air, so if you are five meters away, for example, there will be a 15-millisecond delay (1 millisecond = 1/1,000 seconds) before the sound reaches the others. In real life, humans can play music with others without difficulty if the delay is only this much.

The longer the audio latency however, the more difficult it is to play music with others. But if there is only a slight delay, people can predict the sound and play in sync.

Thanks to the recent evolution of the internet, delays experienced on networks have become very small.

Combining NETDUETTO with a high-speed network connection minimizes audio latency, enabling you to jam with others online in real time.